Top5 Most popular bikes for beginner

While choosing a first motorcycle, it’s usually necessary to read a lot of reviews, comparisons, dozens of pages of various forums, filtering endless streams of new information.

In this rank you’ll know some tips, and you shouldn’t look for it for several sleepless evenings.

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Great motorcycle in its class, and reliability, good in assembly and maintenance.
One of the best representatives of the line motorcycles of the series “Ninja” from famous Kawasaki company.

Benefits include a pretty good engine, attractive appearance, availability of spare parts and service.
The only subject of complaint, may be the cost — it is clearly a bit inflated.
Very good choice for a beginner. Aggressive appearance is achieved by using the plastic bike kit makes it very similar to the more expensive and powerful models that can sometimes cost a lot.

To the pluses we can add quite a good cubic capacity of engine as for a beginner – it is possible to enjoy one hundred per hour, but still small enough for the risks to which inexperienced rider is unlikely will be properly prepared.
"Hornet" though has a cubic capacity that excessive for a man, choosing his first bike, but can suite for a beginner thanks to intelligent transmission and distribution of power throughout the speed range.
And in the future you will not have to look for a motorcycle with greater cubic capacity. Anyway, not so soon :-)

Hornet’s price is quite affordable because this model is very distributed.
A good choice for the first "motorcycle" is to buy Yamaha's YBR125. People talk different, but all the advantages of well-known firms remain constant: the availability of spare parts, the service from an authorized dealer, and reliability of the design in the end.

The disadvantages of the model can be attributed only with the "moped look". Yamaha will fit you to get from point "A" to point "B" quickly and economically, but all the same time, 125cc engine cannot be called a full-fledged motorcycle.
This and the following motorcycle have one same thing– in their appearance is not being used plastic "sports" body kit, as a result, if the motorcycle somewhere will fall, you will not have problems with expensive plastic repair.

The bike has an engine with a moderate cubic capacity as for a beginner, top speed limited to 180km/h, which is sufficient for a newbie in the motorcycle world. The bike has a nice smooth dynamic of acceleration and soft control.
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